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Liang Chi Cooling Tower - Model: LBC

  • Sole Agent in Singapore.
  • Liang Chi offers various types of cooling tower ranging from bottle type and square type counter flow cooling tower, square type cross flow cooling tower; CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) certified LRC series cross flow cooling tower; to a newly innovated and patented Fanless cooling tower that incorporates no mechanical moving parts.
  • LBC is round counter flow type cooling tower suitable for general application. Casing, water basin and water sump are made of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), featuring good structure stress, non-chap, non-crack, non-aging, firmness and long duration.

Liang Chi Cooling Tower - Model: LBC-LN

  • Sole Agent in Singapore.
  • Standard low-noise type going with upper fan stack, splash mat, etc. for running at lower fan speed based on the feature of fan blade. Its noise is lower than standard type by 7~10 dBA that is suitable for the application of quietness.

Liang Chi Cooling Tower - Model: LDC-N

  • Sole Agent in Singapore.
  • It was developed in 1978. During the 70’s of 20th Century, Liang Chi developed LDC-N counter flow cooling tower by adopting the latest design featuring with low drift loss, low noise, easy to maintain, easy assembly, high efficiency and multi-cell installation. LDC-N cooling tower uses spray nozzles that can be high temperature resistant, easy to install and not easy to clog, and spray water through filling uniformly. Embossed PVC filling is easy to assemble and good for heat rejection. The tower body is made of FRP material processed by moulds.

Liang Chi Cooling Tower - Model: LRC-N

  • Sole Agent in Singapore.
  • It was developed in 1990. During the 1990’s of 20th Century, Liang Chi developed square cross flow LRC-N cooling tower with a rectangular body, which requires small area and is having a neat appearance. Cooling tower with larger cooling capacity can be connected as multi-cell installations. Since LRC-N’s cooling tower design is modularized, it can be maintained without affecting its normal operation while machine is still running. Also it is more convenient and easier to clean filling. LRC-N series is applying gravity type distribution system so that uniform water distribution and large clearance can be rendered and is not easy to clog and grow scale.

Cooling Tower Spare Parts

We also provide all kinds of spare parts for Liang Chi Cooling Tower. Our service comprise of maintaining, supplying and installation of replacement cooling towers or spare parts.

Our skilled team is trained professionally to undertake all aspects of cooling tower maintenance, replacement parts, equipment upgrades, total refurbishment & renewals.

Common Spare Parts:
- Cooling tower motor & fan
- Reducers & gearbox
- Belts, pulley & bearing
- PVC fills
- Float valve
- Sprinkler head & sprinkler pipe
- PVC inlet louvers
- Inlet-outlet nozzles